Duramax® LFT PPC 20

Duramax LFT PPC 20 produced by pultrusion method, is %20 long glass fiber reinforced PPC-impact modified homopolypropylene composite granule. Being reinforced by long glass fiber makes the granule to have higher mechanical properties which leads to be used for the products requiring higher mechanical properties.

Technical Data Sheet

Product NameDURAMAX LFT PPC 20
Fiber Type Long Glass Fiber
Polymer Type Polypropylene – Impact Modified
Glass Fiber Content 0 %
Granule Length≥ 12 mm
ColorNatural, Black

Physical / Mechanical Properties

TESTSTest MethodResult*Unit
Glass Fiber ContentISO 345120%
DensityISO 11831,03g/cm³
Tensile StrengthISO 52785MPa
Tensile Strength ModulusISO 5274350MPa
Flexural StrengthISO 178110MPa
Flexural Strength ModulusISO 1783900MPa
Izod Impact, UnnotchedISO 17945kj/m³
HDT (1,8 MPa)ISO 75154°C

*The values given here are informative. These values can be altered by polypropylene used for dilution and process conditions.